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In 1213, Count Orlando Cattani, an Italian nobleman, donated to St. Francis a large land area and mountain named La Verna in Tuscany, Italy. The spiritual Count described the mountain as a perfect and ideal place for contemplation amidst nature. Count Cattani had met Francis in Assisi and wanted the people of Tuscany to share the Franciscan way of life. The mountain and the surrounding village were isolated and a perfect setting for those who wanted to do penance or live in solitude in a remote landscape.

St. Francis and his many followers built a beautiful monastery retreat on the mountain side and discovered silver deposits in the area that allowed them the resources to sustain a sanctuary for contemplative prayer.

Our hand-cut crystal faceted Italian beads are glazed with silver from Mount La Verna and hand assembled in the village surrounding this magnificent shrine. It is our hope that as you pray the Rosary with these magnificent beads you will experience the peace and solitude that Francis felt centuries ago while praying in La Verna.

  • Features a Miraculous Medal dangle and simple crucifix
  • Available in various colors

Material: Glass Beads/Antique Silver

Size: 8mm Bead, 9" L

La Verna Emerald Bracelet


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