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Author: Bilinsky Cornelia Mary

This faith formation resource introduces children ages 4 - 7 to God's loving presence in every moment. Appealing to children's delight in creation, God Is with Me explains that the wonders of our world are signs of the presence of God. Relatable examples grounded in children's sensate and everyday experiences assure children that God is with them - always and forever - even when they make mistakes.

Rhyming stanzas and delightful illustrations reveal that God is with children in their past, present, and future. First, children are reminded of their Baptism, the special day when they became a child of God and a friend of Jesus Christ. Then, they discover that the Church, the Virgin Mary, guardian angels, and the Eucharist are all ways to experience God. Lastly, the theological concepts of heaven and eternity are introduced. This comprehensive perspective lays the foundations for children to develop and maintain a personal relationship with God.





Dimensions (Inches):

6.25 x 7.56

God Is With Me Always & Everywhere


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