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Author: Richards & Halpin

Looking for a fun and engaging way for your child to learn about Jesus, Mary, and Joseph?

About this Book:

Then flip through the pages of Fun with the Holy Family Activity book! Perfect for ages 6 - 8, this book will teach your child about faith and family life.

Unscrambling letters to decode the Hail Mary prayer, working through a maze to help the Wise Men escape Herod's soldiers, word searching religious names, and stenciling crosses on a window-these are just some of the activities that this book has to offer. Illustrated in black and white doodles, this is both an activity and coloring book.

Accompanying the activities are rhyming, easy-to-remember phrases that tell the story of the Holy Family from the meeting of Mary and Joseph to Jesus growing up in Nazareth. On each page, an encircled angel guides the reader, offering prayers and words of wisdom to coordinate with the storyline. References to web site addresses provide the opportunity to enrich the reader's interactive experience. The book ends with a series of invocations to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

But the activities are not wholly over yet... cut-out "Gifts of Kindness" cards on the back cover allow readers to do something special for their own family members, in the spirit of the Holy Family!





Dimensions (Inches):

8.50 x 11.00

Fun With The Holy Family Color & Activity Book


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