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by: Fr. Bill McCarthy

The heart of Christianity is coming to know God personally. It is the author's hope that Christ's Spirit may fill your minds with His Wisdom, your hearts with his Love and your lives with His Spirit.

A Personal Relationship with's yours for the asking. And now, with this book, Fr. Bill McCarthy teaches you how. ...Develop an intimate relationship with Jesus ...Discover where and how God is leading you ...Learn how you can listen to God and discern His word ...Eliminate fear, worry and emotional scars from you life ...Feel the life-changing freedom that can be yours today ...Live a new life found in the spiritual principles outlined in this book ...Experience the most powerful secret ever revealed - that Jesus lives in your heart! This profound book is Fr. Bill's seminal work that encapsulates the wisdom which has drawn followers for 20 years to his talk at national conferences, parish missions and retreats.

A Personal Relationship With Jesus

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