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This book of devotionals is meant to provide an avenue of prayerful attitude, to put a meditative pause into the day, to be a kind of incentive to holy consecration. It is a handy little thing, as pleasant a companion for the leisure of travel and of walks as it is for the business of the home and office. Please do not judge each separate word too critically, or count the possible repetition of sentiment, — are not all prayers, in one sense, characterized by a single dominant tone? And please do not try to discover some emphasis which might be made a subject for dispute. Surely, prayer need not always be formally uttered, always prefaced by an exalted address, always followed by a dignified Amen. Not always need we close our eyes and fold our hands. Hymns have been sung in silence, have they not? And, thank God, there is such a thing as a constant consecration, a "praying without ceasing."



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