Medjugorje: What's Happening? by James Mulligan

Medjugorje: What's Happening is "undoubtedly the best book so far written on Medjugorje." —Fr. Dr. John Chisholm, chaplain to Medjugorje pilgrims "Fascinating and excellently researched work... balanced, well-grounded and very generously illustrated, this work is possibly the most comprehensive critique to date." —Catholic Herald, London England, Britain’s leading Catholic newspaper "All that we have included about Medjugorje, in the almost twenty years of publication of our magazine, is encapsulated in this remarkable book. This book takes the reader from day one of the apparitions to the present, adding tidbits of new information that we had never heard before. The key players in the Gospa's drama are all there: seers, priests, the converted, who are now presented through the magnifying glass of time. Best of all, it presents Medjugorje in the context of several famous, approved apparitions of Our Lady, thus giving the reader a new perspective.

Medjugorje: What's Happening?

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