Apocalypse - Book For Our Times by Rev Albert Joseph Mary Shamon

The final book of the Bible (Revelation) has been somewhat of a puzzle to many of us. In fact it has been a source of consternation down through the centuries, evoking countless interpretations and just as many misinterpretations. The Apocalypse has always seemed to denote something terrible, an evil, a devastating destruction. And what of all that symbolism? Father Albert Shamon brings the reader a simplified explanation of the book of Revelation. Utilizing accepted Catholic Doctrine, Fr. Shamon presents us with a detailed account of the writings placed within the context of the time and place of the original manuscript and what that symbolism means. Here is a book within the grasp of all, an account of the prophecies contained in the final book of the Bible. Father Shamon relates the Book of Revelation to our own times, our own century, our own existence. He brings the meaning of the original to the conditions of the present -- the present state of the world, the faithful, the unbeliever, and the Church. He shows how the events of Revelation are played out over and over again until the final age.

Apocalypse - Book For Our Times

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